CEO’s Message

I am Park Jae-hyeong, CEO of HLB PAHRMA.
C-TRI Co., Ltd.,. fully devoted to researching peptides for the last 2 decades, has been reborn into HLB PAHRMA.
It has taken its first step forward to evolve into a company developing new drugs specialized for degenerative brain diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease, based on natural extracts for the treatment of dementia, which are currently undergoing the phase 2b/3.
We sincerely promise to be a pharmaceutical company that is prepared and ready to move forward, under the principle that only aggressive investment secures the growth driver.

To secure sustainable growth driver, we will focus our efforts on reinforcing an R&D workforce and expanding our research pipeline, rather than just increasing the size of our company.
HLB PAHRMA is always challenging to transform itself into a company that brings happiness to its employees and shareholders based on transparent management, fair competition and substantial investment.
HLB PAHRMA will make relentless efforts to develop new drugs under the goal to develop the company through curing and caring patients.
Park Jae-hyeong, CEO of HLB PAHRMA